Tom Tom Go 2435 Charger

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  • Includes: Car Charger Adapter + Home Charger Adapter + USB Charging Wire
  • Value Deal for Anytime Use
  • Pocket sized, lightweight, durable!
  • Retail Value ($29 - $39)

See Compatibility Tab for More Details

Compatible with the following models:

Compatible With The Following Tom Tom Models Below:
Tom Tom ONE Series
ONE ONE 125 ONE 140S
ONE S ONE 130 ONE 3rd Edition
ONE XL ONE 130S ONE Third Edition
Tom Tom XL Series
XL 325 XL 330TM XL 340T
XL 325S XL 335 XL 340M
XL 325T XL 335S XL 340TM
XL 325M XL 335T XL 350
XL 325TM XL 335M XL 350S
XL 330 XL 335TM XL 350T
XL 330S XL 340 XL 350M
XL 330T XL 340S XL 350TM
XL 330M
Tom Tom XXL Series
XXL 530 XXL 535SE XXL 540M
XXL 530S XXL 535T XXL 540TM
XXL 530SE XXL 535M XXL 550
XXL 530T XXL 535TM XXL 550S
XXL 530M XXL 540 XXL 550SE
XXL 530TM XXL 540S XXL 550T
XXL 535 XXL 540SE XXL 550M
XXL 535S XXL 540T XXL 550TM
Tom Tom GO Series
GO 2405 GO 2535T GO 720T
GO 2405S GO 2535TM GO 720TM
GO 2405M GO 300 GO 730
GO 2405T GO 300T GO 730T
GO 2405TM GO 300TM GO 730TM
GO 2435 GO 510 GO 740
GO 2435S GO 510T GO 740T
GO 2435M GO 510TM GO 740TM
GO 2435T GO 630 GO 910
GO 2435TM GO 630T GO 910T
GO 2505 GO 630TM GO 910TM
GO 2505S GO 700 GO 920
GO 2505M GO 700T GO 920T
GO 2505T GO 700TM GO 920TM
GO 2505TM GO710 GO 930
GO 2535 GO710T GO 930T
GO 2535S GO710TM GO 930TM
GO 2535M GO 720
Tom Tom EASE Series
Tom Tom Rider Series
Rider Rider 2
Tom Tom PRO Series
PRO 4000 PRO 7150 PRO 8000